Conference Overview & Objectives

The NanoFlorida Conference is a unique event with a long, successful tradition of student researchers sharing their discoveries in nanotechnology within the State of Florida. For the first time, NanoFlorida has been extended to include students from around the US and the world and thus renamed as the NanoFlorida International Conference. It provides a unique opportunity undergraduate and graduate students to learn about the futuristic applications of Nanotechnology in the clinical and basic pharmaceutical sciences. 


To advance the nanotechnology and nanoscience research in Florida, USA and globally, NanoFlorida 2019 will remain student focus and create a global initiative that will foster and promote the following goals:


  • Promote collaborative and interdisciplinary research.


  • Help to create multidisciplinary education and research projects including novel approaches for translational research.


  • Host presentations by experts in creating international collaborations, start-ups for nanotech business, production scale-up and marketing.


  • Provide new insights into nanomedicine applications for nanoscientists, clinicians and engineers in the areas of drug delivery, diagnostic testing and therapeutics for cancers.

The conference will encompass long-standing, major areas of nanoscience and engineering research. Topics for NanoFlorida symposia evolve with developments in the fields of nanoscience and engineering, and this year’s NanoFlorida 2019 Conference will focus on the theme of “Advances in Translational Nanobiotechnology.” Symposia will be organized to address scientific advances in biotechnology, biosensing, microfluidics, nanodiagnostics and nanoimaging, gene and cell technology, bioprinting, nanoscale drug delivery, and other cutting-edge areas of research. The symposia will also emphasize the translation of these research discoveries into applications in nanopharmaceutics, nanotechnology for cancer and cardiovascular areas, food safety, agriculture and more.

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