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The mission of the Florida Association for Nanotechnology (FAN) is to provide a forum to:


a) Promote research and education in the frontiers of nanosciences and  nanotechnologies, including the fields of nano-electronics, nano-energy and environment sciences, nano-food technology, and nano-biotechnology;

b) Create a network of scientists, academicians and industrialists working to educate and train the new generation of scientists in the State of Florida; and


c) Foster interdisciplinary collaborations at the State, National and International levels to translate these advances in nano-sciences and -technologies to applications for human welfare”.


Vision and Goals

The vision of the Florida Association for Nanotechnology (FAN) is to develop an annual Florida-centric Conference with the following vision.

  • Enhance workforce skill development through an annual conference promoting participation of students and trainees, particularly aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion of a minorities in enhancement of their technology skills leadership and success.

  • Encourage and showcase the contributions of young graduate, undergraduate students and postdoctoral trainees by creating a student-friendly event, where they can present their research among their peers thereby ensuring a new generation of nano-scientists.

  • Create a forum for researchers in Florida for scientific exchange and to help identify emerging challenges at the frontiers of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

  • Promote closer research ties and networking opportunities within the Florida nanoscience community.

  • Foster and encourage collaborative research efforts between academicians from different Florida universities and institutes and beyond nationally and internationally.

  • Forge strong industry-academia partnerships in the field of nanoscience and nanoengineering- and nanobio- technologies to promote market driven research and innovation in Florida and beyond.

Our Organization

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