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The next Distinguished Lecture Series will begin Fall 2024
The Florida Association for Nanotechnology (FAN) and the International Academy of Nanotechnology (IAN), are proud to introduce Distinguished Lecture Series.
The International Academy of Nanotechnology (IAN) is compromised of over 250 members, primarily from academia and industry. As a society, this group was formed to provide leadership in the area of education with an emphasis on training young investigators.

This lecture series aims to increase awareness of the field while creating a sense of connectedness among a greater population of students, faculty, and staff. The inaugural lecture occured on July 15, 2020, followed by a bimonthly schedule.

Each guest speaker in this series will be endowed as honorary 'Fellow' of the FAN-IAN.


All lectures will be delivered virtually via Zoom, link will be posted to site prior event. Each lecture is scheduled for ~45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute Q&A session.
Please note: Google Chrome is the preferred web browser when using Zoom. If you need to access the Zoom web version, please click HERE.

FAN-IAN is currently accepting speaker nominations. If you have someone in mind that would be interested in delivering a lecture, please email with their name, title, and email address.

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