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Successful NanoFlorida 2022 Conference

On behalf of the Florida Association of Nanotechnology and all participating Florida universities, we would like to congratulate the University of Florida on hosting a successful NanoFlorida International Conference in Gainesville, Florida on April 16 & 17, 2022!

Given this was the first in person meeting, following the COVID-19 pandemic, UF successfully hosted a 2 day conference with over 125 registered attendees. This event is yet another milestone for the field of nanotechnology and all of its diverse applications. The conference objective was to broaden the understanding of the field and present unique opportunities for students and faculty to network and collaborate with fellow peers.

Congratulations to the following; Dr. Jack Judy, Director of NIMET, Mrs. Dina Quinn, Research Coordinator of NIMET, and the entire Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Student Council (NNSC) Officers; Oriana Molares Palmero, Caleb Walton, Sarah Stenberg, Galal Lasheen, and David Anguelov.

We are excited to share NanoFlorida 2023 will be hosted by Florida State University! Stay tuned for more information and the release date.

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